The Inquisitive Musician Top 10 | LACMA Unframed, 2011

William Hogarth, The Enraged Musician, 1741

The Inquisitive Musician Top 10 | LACMA Unframed, 2011

This Saturday during Late Night at LACMA we are presenting a staged reading of The Inquisitive Musician, a project by artist Cindy Bernard and featuring a cast that includes writer Dick Hebdige, composer Gregory Lenczycki, artists and musicians Dave Muller, Ami Tallman and Marnie Weber, artist and activist Haruko Tanaka, experimental bagpiper David Watson, dean of the School of Art at CalArts Thomas Lawson, musicians Tom Watson and William Roper and punk icon Mike Watt. We asked Cindy to tell us a bit more about the project and to put the play’s subject-matter in context of contemporary issues facing musicians today.”


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