Nightstick, Cindy Bernard and Joseph Hammer, 1999

Cindy Bernard and Joseph Hammer, projections+sound, Sonopticon 99, organized by the Foundation for Art Resources, 1999

Nightstick, Cindy Bernard and Joseph Hammer, 1999

July 15, 1999 Press / Publications 0

Inspired by the iconic representation of such landscapes as the desert images portrayed in the the films of John Ford and the magical woods often visualized in the books of the Brothers Grimm, this psychedelic Bonnie and Clyde combine their talents to create a unique performance experience of light and sound. They are on a cerebral quest, seeking memory associations with physical places as induced through exposure to color and aural cues. Abstract in thought, the physical experience is spell binding: Cindy projects color and light upon a scrim while Joseph creates relational aural montages from a variety of vintage magnetic-audio gear including modified oscillators and reel-to-reel tape loops… – Gabie Strong, New Times, July, 1999

Strong, Gabie, Nightstick: Cindy Bernard and Joseph Hammer, july 15-21, 1999, pg. 64

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