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Eden Annual No. 4, 1960, page 15

matchy matchy

September 16, 2015 Studio 0

This image from Eden looked familiar….then it hit me…….from MOMA:

Christopher WIlliams, TecTake Luxus Strandkorb grau/weiß


Christopher Williams
TecTake Luxus Strandkorb grau/weiß
Model no.: 400636
Material: wood/plastic
Dimensions (height/width/depth): 154 cm × 116 cm × 77 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Manufactured by Ningbo Jin Mao Import & Export Co., Ltd,
Ningbo, Zhejiang, China for TecTake GmbH,
Igersheim, Germany
Model: Zimra Geurts, Playboy Netherlands Playmate of
the Year 2012
Studio Rhein Verlag, Düsseldorf
February 1, 2013
(Zimra stretching), 2013

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