Logic of Concealment, 1994

Cindy Bernard, Security Envelope: John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Inc., 1988

Logic of Concealment, 1994

December 1, 1994 Press / Publications 0

….The Grid outlines a telary network that doubles the actual path a letter takes from point A to point B. It also plays heavily on the presumed intermediaries, faceless couriers in the postal limbo. Any message is affected by its means of transport, and so contextualized by the manner of delivery. This occurs in a way too tangled for most correspondents to reflect upon comfortably. The route: dense, circuitous, hesitant, passing through countess dirty hands, hopefully reliable. The contents: subpoena, greeting card, cheque, love note or home-made bomb. On the one hand the recipient reads a certain confidentiality that is illusionary. On the other, the original possession of the document is never wholly relinquished. The patterned lexis ensures that Omaha Property and Casualty keeps advancing, holding sway over the reader’s attentions and asserting the sender’s primacy. The one constant is the banal interior design of the envelope, or ‘product packaging’….– Gary Higgens

Higgens, Gary, Logic of Concealment: Cindy Bernard in Tuscon, Creative Camera, December / January 1994

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