Cindy Bernard’s Playlist: Music as Self-Empowerment (, 2013

1980 Floor Show still

Cindy Bernard’s Playlist: Music as Self-Empowerment (, 2013

April 14, 2013 Press / Publications 0

Brief interview with on the occasion of my MOCAtv playlist:

One wants to believe that the Internet is a universal library but of course it’s not – it’s subject to censorship and antiquated ideas about copyright. When I visited my YouTube playlists for this project, I sadly discovered that several clips had disappeared, including the Minutemen clip I’d wanted to use. It was a clip from a Minutemen show that I’d attended at Bebop records in Reseda in 1984. George was on bongos and the backdrop was a wall of Raymond Pettibon drawings. It may be gone from YouTube but it’s still available at Vimeo. History Lesson Pt. II is at 27:40. “Our band could be your life” – still gives me chills, in a good way of course.

Full interview here. 

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