Border Crossings, 1996

Border Crossings Spread

Border Crossings, 1996

September 7, 1996 Press / Publications 0

In Ask the Dust, Bernard is the surrogate and the solitary traveller. Her images of the fictional are not appropriations; they are real. It is essential to the meaning of this work that Bernard has visited these sites in the flesh. Like Cindy Sherman, in her early and best work, the Untitled Film Stills, Bernard’s production is performative. As spectators to her recreations, we absorb and are absorbed instrumentally through her eyes and body. Screen memories, flashbulb memories and the experience in the moment are totally confounded. We stand with Bernard at the edge of the scene, the screen, the frame. Our minds click on the icon. We enter. No, that’s wrong. We tumble in, one by one. – Martha Langford

Langford, Martha, Heaven’s Gaze, Border Crossings, 1996

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